2013년 12월 28일 토요일

Villa Park !!

Football is one the most popular and well known sports in the world. Basically The first football league is founded in England. Becoming major football league in the world. If you particularly interested in football, you definitely have many chances to see football matches in Birmingham. 

There are two major football clubs in Birmingham. Aston Villa is one of the oldest and most successful football clubs and the other fierce local rivalry is Birmingham city. Personally I prefer Aston Villa F.C so I did go Villa Park for big match of Aston Villa VS Man Utd.

My seat was for Aston Villa supporters so I should cheer for Aston Villa!  If you are considering to watch Premier league, you should careful about selecting your seats(it is clearly divided by teams)
Otherwise, security guy will come to you and escort to exit if you cheer for the opponent team.  Additionally you can get a student discount offer for ticket so please keep your Student ID when you book the ticket!

2013년 12월 13일 금요일

Trip to Oxford and London

Birmingham is located in the centre of the UK. So you can go anywhere relatively lower prices 
compared to other places! Furthermore, Aston university is not only very close to Train station(Birmingham moor Street is just 6mins walking distance) but Coach station is not far from the campus as well(10 mins from the campus). Personally i strongly recommend you to reserve ticket in advance(it is much cheaper than purchasing on site). Anyway, i did go Oxford and Cambridge and London this time.

 Above and below pictures are the christ church in oxford!! This place is very famous filming  location of Harry Potter!! Generally Oxford is quite busy in the weekends. If you don't like crowded place you should consider it to go on weekdays.

London just takes one and half a hour if you takes Train. Personally, i go London quite often because there are many attractions such as Madame Tussauds British museum etc.. It's hard to narrow it down to  explain why i go london that often haha. Anyway, i am quite satisfied the location of the campus due to quite low trip costs.

2013년 11월 23일 토요일

what a great place to live!!

To Be Honest, i don't like the weather of UK, i know it is quite straightforward but everyone agree with that! so the environment of place could be very important factor due to bad weather(bad weather could make you feel depressed !! seriously) 
 If you are considering birmingham for study, i could tell many attractive things about this city :)
 see! i took above picture in the city centre. as you can see, many people can easily find some places to relax even middle of the city centre ! actually this is one of my favorite places :)

Birmingham's Frankfurt Christmas Market is obviously enjoyable for everyone!!(it opens now until 22nd December ) you can feel the Christmas in this lovely places!! Christmas carol, exotic foods, coffees, mulled wine, fancy chocolates etc..
Definitely, you are not gonna be easily depressed due to english bad weather(or foods) in Birmingham!! there are lots of enjoyable events in Birmingham including Frankfurt Christmas Market

2013년 10월 28일 월요일

about my course

Currently, i am enjoying my study at Aston!! in this time i will briefly explain my study !!
 My course is MSc Investment Analysis. This course is quite good for someone who is seeking for practical knowledge in finance industry becuase this course is officially recongnised by CISI so students could get exemption from CISI diploma to aquire certificates. Literally 14 UK universities assigned as a Centre of Excellence for exemption.

 Furthermore, Trading room provides excellent opportunitiy for students to access latest market resources and financial datbase. Additionally, it also gives chance to take exam for reuter trading
certificate to strengthen students' CV.  Personally, i like my course becuase tutors are very friednly and they know exactly what they are talking about. I believe that other courses have very distinctive
advantages in practical terms. !!

2013년 10월 1일 화요일

Living on campus

Living on campus has relatively huge advantages compared to living off campus. For example, no transport costs, shorter length contract and city centre location. Basically, Aston Accommodation provides three selections for students: Lakeside residence, New build 5 bedroom flat and 7bedroom flat. Personally i chose New build 7 bed room flat option due to its cost competitiveness of price and quality of the building(it’s new build!). The difference between 5 room and 7room option is the size of bed 3/4 size for 5bedroom and single size bed for 7bedroom. So if someone who has unusual sleeping habit, i strongly recommend to get 5bedroom flat option!.  

Living on campus guarantees that you don’t need to worry about safety issue. To enter the accommodation, i need two key cards to unlock four doors!!   

With En-suite Bathroom, state of the art kitchen facilities !!
If you have any queries about living on campus, just ask me J

2013년 9월 22일 일요일

Golden Opportunitiy from Aston

Golden Opportunity from Aston

Golden Opportunity from Aston

Aston is among the top 1% of business schools in the world. This school’s Triple accreditations prove the excellence of research quality and job-prospects. Furthermore, the results of Aston’s Research Assessment Exercise(RAE) confirmed the quality of research (Top 12 in the UK)
Based on above data, Aston could be regarded as the best choice for postgraduate-level study.

Financial Times Rankings

Rae Ranking


After I got offer from Aston, I searched a variety of postgraduate scholarships which provided from Aston. Surprisingly, there are many scholarships for not only English but also international students. Generally, schools not prefer to invest their capital for international students mainly because international students are one of the most lucrative cash-cow for their benefits. However, Aston is simply different from others. This school tries to provide equal opportunities for every student regardless of their nationalities. And also, tuition fee is relatively lower than other universities. Anyway, after deep consideration, I applied Su-Yeon Yoo scholarship and rewarded from Aston.

Various Scholarships

From September, as an student ambassador, I will post regularly about my life at Aston such as job prospect, academic progress, Food and cooking, tuition and scholarship, the cheapest airfares and transportation, travelling England from  Aston, nightlife, shopping and restaurants Etc. So if you want to ask about anything, I would be happy to reply any queries